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Learn About Bad Credit Financing in Goldsboro, NC

Learn About Bad Credit Financing in Goldsboro, NC

Are you looking to finance a pre-owned vehicle in Goldsboro, North Carolina, but don't have the credit? Explore bad credit financing with our dealership! You will find that there are multiple ways to access reliable transportation, even with a lower credit score.

The next time you're looking to apply for financing, consider the interest rates being offered before anything else. It is imperative to do research!

Financial wellness begins with the understanding of debt-to-income ratios, interest rates, and the true cost of large purchases. If you're interested in buying a used car, make sure you have an understanding of the following:

  • NADA Values
  • Interest Rates
  • Debt-to-income Ratios
  • Loan Terms

Know the Vehicle's Value

Your vehicle's value can either be an asset or a detriment to the bank account. When you know the value of your model and how it will depreciate over time, haggling won't feel necessary.

If you find a vehicle that interests you, the first thing you should do is go to and enter the VIN, make, model, and vehicle accessories. The price should either be below or the same as the price shown on the website. If it is significantly higher, it is likely to carry negative equity, meaning that you will have trouble selling it or trading it in later.

Essentially, the vehicle will end up costing you more than its worth if you don't pay attention to the NADA values.

If you understand this, you will probably find yourself at dealerships that list prices fairly, like ours!

5 Additional Reasons to Stay Away from Negative Equity:

  1. Your debt-to-income ratio will rise.
  2. Paying off the car will be costly, therefore difficult.
  3. It will be hard to sell back to a dealer or private buyer, because they will only want to pay the value of the vehicle, not what you initially paid.
  4. Insanely high monthly payments, which can't be refinanced for the reasons mentioned above.

How Can Bad Credit Financing Help You?

Bad credit financing is an amazing way for shoppers to build their credit back up. With sub-prime auto loans, just be sure that you're not falling victim to a predatory rate or terms that you cannot pay back — otherwise, it defeats the purpose.

If you apply for one of our sub-prime loans, our financial representatives will go through your credit history with you, ensuring you apply for a reasonable amount. If approved, all you need to do is make on-time monthly payments and watch your score slowly rise.

Have questions? Talk to our finance team today and learn how to spot credit risks as you shop for sub-prime loans in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

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